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In-person, full-time school begins August 12 at Odyssey. Families can choose a fully online school option, if they prefer. Students will not lose their seats at Odyssey in their 2020-21 if they choose this option.

Please take the latest DPS survey by July 10 to help us plan for online school and other essential student needs. Thank you!


Odyssey is excited to begin expanding our elementary program in 2020-2021! You can find more details and updates about our expansion HERE.


Our 2019-2020 Staff!

The Odyssey School of Denver takes a unique and innovative approach to childhood learning and development by educating and supporting our K-8 students through extensive collaboration and exploration by:

  • engaging with one another as we seek knowledge and adventure in support of life-long problem solving skills;

  • exploring how lessons relate to and play out in the world beyond the classroom; and

  • demonstrating our learning through public presentations and portfolios.

Odyssey is a model Expeditionary Learning school, taking our students on project-based expeditions that support in-depth study and comprehension across all disciplines:  reading, writing, mathematics and science, as well as the development of core “Habits of a Learner” that transform our students into active stewards of their own learning.  Find out more about what we do and how we do it.


Odyssey is chartered by Denver Public Schools. As such, Odyssey is largely publicly funded. Learn more about enrolling your child.