Adventure Program

The health and welfare of students, staff, and volunteers is a high priority at Odyssey.  At the same time, engaging in adventure activities involves inherent and other risks that cannot be controlled.  We seek to minimize these risks through Odyssey’s Risk Management Plan (RMP).  The RMP takes a broad perspective of risk management and encompasses quality staff and volunteers, informed students, support services (transportation, equipment, etc.), a culture of awareness, and guidelines for adventure activities.  Odyssey cannot guarantee the safety of students, staff, volunteers, or any other person involved.  For the activities in which we participate, we can only strive to manage the associated risks and inform students of those risks.  While risk is an inherent part of all Odyssey adventure programs, Odyssey does not seek to replace good judgment and sound practices with an undue acceptance of risk. For more information on this topic, please see our adventure Frequently asked questions.

Adventure activities are coordinated across all the grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade. They become progressively more challenging, building upon the previous years’ experiences. In addition, activities are consistent by grade level: All students on one level participate in the same activities.

After each adventure, students have opportunities to reflect on their experiences, observations, and interactions with the natural world. Service projects and achievement standards may be incorporated into some activities. Throughout the program, outdoor safety and etiquette are emphasized. Etiquette for the Kindergartners includes leaving a place better than they found it, quiet voices, respect for wildlife/habitat, use of restroom, staying with the group, etc. This repeating theme becomes more complex, culminating in the 7th and 8th grade with weather watching, observation of human impact on the land, and may include service work to offset negative human impact.

The adventure program is an important part of our curriculum.  Through adventure, our students reach personal goals, build confidence, learn how to work as a team, and become more supple learners and leaders. Although signed permission slips are often required for specific activities, it is our expectation that all students will participate in all adventure activities with their crew. If your child has a physical disability that would prevent him/her from participating in adventure activities, please let the crew leader know as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements. Please understand that alternative arrangements will not be made for students who choose not to participate in an activity or do not have a signed permission slip.