Work At Odyssey

2024-2025 Openings
Paraprofessional – for more information & to apply, click HERE.

Substitute Teachers – Ongoing openings; applicants are invited to submit resumes at any time. Minimum qualifications: background check, high school diploma, experience working in a school setting, completion of sub packet and tour. Preferred qualifications: Bachelors degree, teaching certificate and knowledge of EL Education.   Please read the complete substitute description HERE. Email Kim for more information at

Overview of School

What Comprises an Odyssey Education? The Odyssey School of Denver is a dynamic EL Education community dedicated to fostering each child’s unique potential and spirit of adventure through exemplary standards of character, intellectual achievement, and social responsibility. With 262 students in grades K-8, our standards-based, portfolio assessment system makes explicit the criteria by which success can be measured and documents the accomplishment of high academic and character standards. Committed to an economically and socially diverse community, 35% of the Odyssey School’s enrollment is filled by children whose families qualify for the free and reduced lunch program.

Why Teach at Odyssey? EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) schools were founded on the ideals of Outward Bound and organize their curriculum around multidisciplinary learning expeditions. The Odyssey faculty enjoy a high degree of autonomy and responsibility in all aspects of the school program, including team-teaching; caring for students; developing curriculum and standards; leading students in service on and off campus; experiential methods of learning in environments outside the classroom; participating in the governance of the school; and engaging in professional development.

What Makes a Good Odyssey Teacher? Each Odyssey teacher has a profound respect for the life of the child and believes that all young people are capable of great intellectual achievement and profound compassion. Odyssey teachers are familiar with research on the teaching of reading, writing, math, and science and they are comfortable with collaborative curriculum planning, working with students from various learning backgrounds, team-teaching, multi-aged, multi-year classrooms, and working together with parents to help students achieve academic and personal success. In addition, the Odyssey faculty is creative, innovative, and caring. The school community actively encourages teachers to remain intellectually engaged in their individual content areas as well as creatively inspires faculty to take on new intellectual and social challenges while continuing to hone their practice as teachers.

Teaching Positions at the Odyssey School of Denver: Preferred Attributes

Odyssey prefers candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Appreciation for the life and mind of the child
  • Sense of humor and a high level of energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, and spontaneity
  • Teaching experience at the appropriate grade levels consistent with Odyssey’s progressive, constructivist, project-based educational philosophy
  • Understands how to pinpoint each student’s strengths and weaknesses and then apply differential instructional practices to meet the diverse learning needs of each student
  • Strong desire to teach in a demanding, cutting-edge program in which all aspects of school life are open for discussion, reflection, and continuous improvement
  • Collaborative approach to working with a diverse population of children and adults
  • Deep and abiding sense of inquiry

Compensation: 2024-2025 Salary Compensation Structure All positions include benefits similar to those offered by area public schools. The school is an equal opportunity employer.