Reading Volunteer Program – 18th Year!

Why do we have Reading Volunteers?

  • When children read with accomplished readers, children learn vocabulary, sight words, background knowledge and remain interested.
  • Children and adults enjoy sharing books and conversations.
  • Reading Volunteers are a strong part of Odyssey’s web of caring community.
  • Odyssey strives for mastery of reading for every child.

This year we have over 120 reading volunteers!

Volunteers read with one child or a small group for about ½ hour a week throughout the year. Reading Volunteer times are Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:15 – around 9am.

If you’d like to volunteer please contact Julie at julie@odysseydenver.org or 303-316-3944 x241

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Passage Panelists

Every May our 3rd, 5th and 8th graders go through a process called Passages.

At Odyssey, we use rituals to define and support our culture. Our culture values the unique contribution of individual students and believes that the community should notice and celebrate the accomplishments that individuals achieve as they grow in their life at Odyssey. The passage process demonstrates that this community values each student, wants to know how each student has grown, wants to be sure that the community has done all they can to help the student be ready for where they are going. Equally, this process is designed to solicit the community’s thinking about student accomplishments at Odyssey. This panel will focus on a student’s ability to articulate his or her strengths and challenges in being a strong, ethical and involved member of the community.

This process is Odyssey’s rite of passage. Each passage is an event that marks the transition of a student from one part of the school into another, or a transition into high school. For passage at Odyssey to be a legitimate rite of passage, it must require something significant of students and it must be a public experience. Odyssey’s passage requires that students demonstrate competency with Odyssey’s stated Habits of a Learner. The passage process is made public by having staff and/or community members participate in reviewing and giving feedback to students in the passage process and by having a public celebration for students who successfully meet the criteria for passage each year.

5th & 8th Grade Passages takes place one full Friday.  This year it will be Fri, May 22nd  from 8 – 4pm. Breakfast and lunch are included. If you are interested in being a panelist please contact Elki at elki@odysseydenver.org or 303-316-3944 x103. No experience is necessary to participate.