2020 Spring Auction – Online May 4 – 18, LIVE auction and dance party on May 16!

Totally 80’s!! Annual Odyssey Auction – May 16, 2020, 6:00pm via Zoom

Odyssey will host an online silent auction May 4 – 18th, with a LIVE dance party and LIVE auction on Saturday, May 16th from 6 – 8pm. Please watch for more details in the Thursday Folder or on our Facebook page!

Tech Support Who to call if you’re having trouble with Handbid before the auction

Please email Justine Wentworth with questions about Handbid starting today at JustineWentworth@gmail.com. Please include your question and best way to contact you (email, call or text).

Who to call if you’re having trouble with Handbid on Saturday night from 5:30pm-8pm.

Please text or call Justine on her cell phone at 720-271-0662 or text or call Chris Walters on his cell phone at 303-520-3172.

Who to call if you’re having trouble with zoom before the auction:

Check out this user support site for Zoomhttps://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206175806

Or please email Lisa Damm with questions about zoom starting today at lisamdamm@gmail.com. Please include your questions and best way to contact you (email, call or text).

Who to call if you’re having trouble with Zoom on Saturday night from 5pm-8pm.

Check out this user support site for Zoom – https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206175806 or text or call Lisa Damm at 612-251-0444

We are trying to work out all the kinks we can before Saturday night, but as you know, this is an unprecedented time and we are trying to troubleshoot as much as we can before we go live on Saturday!

Please note, as a last resort, we will help you bid if all technology is failing.  Please go to the chat box in Zoom, located at the bottom of the Zoom page, and chat with Elki for help.


Virtual Auction 101 Information

Who’s ready to get your Totally 80’s Virtual Dance Party & “LIVE” Auction on!!? We are too! 

Starting on May 4th and going for 2 weeks, is our Silent auction.  But, on May 16th, the Virtual Party of the year begins!  Join us in a school-wide dance party at 6 pm on that Saturday to celebrate not only our auction, but our community and the fact that we’ve made it through the first couple of months at home. Our “LIVE” auction portion will start at 6 pm.  See below for the schedule.  

There’s no doubt that for many of us, this time at home has had it’s ups and downs and we all deserve to blow off a little steam. Let’s join together to get some energy out and see everyone’s amazing faces! After we Totally Dance, we’ll hear from our Executive Director, Marnie, and then the live auction, with our veteran auctioneer Libby will commence!

It is going to be an adventure!  Let’s leap in and have fun while raising funds!  Thank you all for your support!

Odyssey Totally 80’s Silent Auction:

  • At 4pm on May 4th the Silent Auction will open.
    • Take a look at all of our totally awesome donations you could bid on and win!  There are Sports & Fitness packages, Health & Beauty packages, and a special Quarantine Relief package category this year. 
  • Noon on May 18th the Silent Auction will close.
    • There will be a few days after the Live auction to still bid on items…this will be a chance to grab a good item at a great price while supporting Odyssey and the local community!

Odyssey Totally 80’s Virtual Dance Party & “Live” Auction Saturday, May 16th Schedule:

  • 6:00-6:30pm The virtual event will open. 
    • It will be a fun FAMILY event. We’ll kick it off with some totally 80’s music by our very own DJ Yun.  He will take requests!  And you will get a chance to show off your Totally 80’s costumes!
  • 6:30-7:00pm: Transition from Dance Party to LIVE  Auction
    • A slide show of our children and staff will kick off the evening from pics throughout the year.  
    • Settle in the kiddos with a movie and grab your Favorite quarantini beverage to get ready for the LIVE part!
    • Our Executive Director Marnie will have opening statements for our event
  • 7:00-8:00pm: LIVE auction will start
    • Our amazing auctioneer Libby, of Libby Live Auctions, will do her best to replicate the energetic atmosphere of a live auction to help us close out these exciting items.
    • When all the bidding has closed, we will share some closing thoughts and wishes for a good night!


Here’s how to join in the fun:

Zoom Invitation
Meeting ID: 791-2912-1589
Meeting Password: 9jy8LE

If you’ve never used Zoom before, here are some helpful tips:

  1. You can join using a computer (recommended for the best experience), phone, or tablet. To join from a mobile device or tablet, install the Zoom app from your app store.
  2. Once you have the app/website on your device, click on the link above and you’ll automatically join the meeting OR
  3. From the Zoom App, select “Join a Meeting”.  
  4. Type in your meeting ID “791-2912-1589”, then a prompt will come up to add your meeting password “9jy8LE”.
  5. You’ve joined the call!  Enjoy seeing your friends and dance to the music:)
  6. We hope you dressed up, because the top 3 people with best outfits will win a special surprise!  

Handbid Link Here! 

Directions on how to use Handbid:

Save time at check-in by getting setup and start bidding BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!


If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download the Handbid app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play store

Please note we strongly recommend you “Accept notifications from this app” when you open it and join an auction. This will allow you to get push notifications for  “Outbid” messages during the auction.


Next, you can create an account. From the App home screen, tap on “GET STARTED” button and complete the information (please use your cell phone as the phone number). Tap NEXT

Handbid will text you a 5 digit code.  Enter this code to log in. 


Select Odyssey’s Totally 80’s Virtual Dance Party & “Live” Auction from the list of auctions and swipe left to enter the auction.  Once in the auction, swipe left/right to access categories and up/down to access items.  

 Whether you are bidding online or in the Handbid App, here are some easy tips to help:

  • MAX BID:  This is the max you are willing to spend for an item and Handbid system will automatically bid for you until you reach your max.  Set a max bid and enjoy your evening!

  • NOTIFICATIONS: If you have downloaded the Handbid App and accepted push notifications, you will be notified by push notifications when you are outbid on an item.  If you don’t have the app you will receive text messages from Handbid.

  • DASHBOARD: Monitor what you are currently winning and losing on the Dashboard screen in your app or online.

  • REGISTER: In the Registration portion, you will enter your credit card information and get assigned a bidder number.

  • BROWSE ITEMS: to view all the items for sale.

No smartphone? No problem. You will be able to access the auction through a web browser at URL:
Handbid Link!

A few disclaimers regarding our Totally Virtual Auction this year: 

  • All items are in a Covid-19 Free Zone. It has been sanitized to the best of our abilities.
  • We will offer porch pickup in the Park Hill neighborhood. Anything we can fit into a normal envelope (ie. gift cards and certificates) we can send to you.. We can not offer shipping for large items, but are happy to hold them until you feel comfortable picking them up.
  • All sales are final. Please note that some items have event dates that are uncertain at this time – we ask that you work with the provider to determine rescheduled event details. We have followed up with “Odyssey Experience” offers from our staff, and they will work with families to schedule their events, but we cannot follow up on other items.
  • Bid on all you can. Remember, it’s a win-win–you get a cool product, event, or experience, and Odyssey gets needed fundraising dollars!
  • Please note, if you have already bought a ticket, please consider it a donation to the school. However, we do realize this is a difficult time for our families and if it is a hardship to donate your ticket, please email Elki.
  • Invite your relatives, friends, colleagues, and etc to bid!  This auction is open to all.  Although we are living through a global pandemic right now, our communities have come together in magnificent and authentic ways.  No need to buy a ticket, just register on Handbid.


The Auction Committee – auctioncommittee@odysseydenver.org

A HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors!